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After i apply in college, i received an email and residency information had problem. it said:' Your responses on your application have classified you as a Non Resident ' and i have to pay a non-resident fee but i am resident and i also filled in the 'citizenship status' section is 'permanent resident'. what should i do?


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    Hello Vu, 

    Once you have submitted your application, the information on it cannot be changed online, however, you can change your information with the campus by contacting them. We recommend contacting your Admissions and Records department at your college to update and correct the information that needs to be changed. Your Admissions and Records office will have access to your records and confirm if there is an error on the application and how to fix this information with them. I have provided their information below for your reference.

    San Diego Miramar College
    10440 Black Mountain Road
    San Diego, CA
    (619) 388-7844
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